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At Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital, every day, we pledge to deliver you a healthy lifestyle and strive to give you the best patient experience. Providing world-class service from beginning to end, we are amongst the best Nephrology Hospital for the treatment of kidney diseases in Hyderabad. The kidney is a vital organ required for the proper functioning of our body. Its function is to remove toxins from the blood and keep the blood clean. It eliminates toxic wastes like ammonia and urea, along with making sure that these toxins are flushed out from the body. It also helps in the regulation of blood pressure along with the stimulation of red blood cells by releasing the hormone erythropoietin.

Being amongst the best Nephrology Hospital for the treatment of kidney diseases in Hyderabad, our kidney transplant team involves the following members: the best nephrologist in Hyderabad to perform the surgery, the best kidney specialist who works closely with a highly trained nurse for coordinating your appointments. A pharmacist, who is also a part of the team, takes care of your medicines and helps avoid unsafe medicine combinations. A dietician supervises the food you intake and helps you devise healthy meal plans. While your body may take some time to adjust to a new kidney, patients have shown positive results with gradual improvements in their health and kidney function. After the transplant is done by the best kidney doctor in Hyderabad, regular blood checks are done to make sure that your donor’s kidney is doing fine.

Why Choose Us for Nephrology Care & Services?

Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital is one of the best hospitals for nephrology in Hyderabad, providing the best kidney transplant surgery services. It also specializes in follow-procedure surgery and treatment care. We agree that aftercare is also important and that is something that our trained nurses and para-medical staff take care of. Our kidney transplant surgery centre is run by the best kidney doctors in Hyderabad whose professional knowledge and skills have contributed significantly to the creation of a nationally recognized name.

We are a centre with a global team of physicians. In Hyderabad, we have one of the best specialists in kidney transplants. The Gleneagles Global Brand has been preferred by people throughout Asia who suffer from renal failure or other cases of organ transplantation and we are among the best hospital for kidney diseases in Hyderabad. We have state-of-the-art operating theatres, specialized in providing surgeons with minimal access to surgical features in cases where advanced surgical interference is required.

Our achievements showcase our doctors ‘ expertise. We carried out the first operation of twin-kidney transplants in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana state. We were also the first hospital to have been accredited by the Indian government.

Diagnosis of Kidney Disorders & Diseases

The various diagnostic methods to assess kidney function are outlined below.

  1. Urine Analysis: In long term kidney diseases like diabetic nephropathy and ketonuria, there is an excess protein found in the urine. The urine is collected in a regular interval of 24 hours to calculate the total protein excretion in a day. Moreover, urinary tract infections and other abnormalities can also be detected using culture techniques.
  2. Glomerular Filtration Rate: For medical reference, creatinine clearance is used to measure glomerular filtration rate. In some cases, even inulin is used for the above method. Here, the word clearance means the amount of plasma that can be cleared by the kidneys per time unit. The standard normal creatinine clearance in an adult male is around 90-150 ml/minute.
  3. Ultrasound Scanning: It is the most commonly used non-invasive technique that provides an image of the kidneys on a computer screen for medical examination. It uses high-frequency sound waves that bounce back and create an image of the object, in this case, an organ. Polycystic kidney disease and kidney stones are some of the abnormalities that can be diagnosed using this technique.
  4. MR Angiography: This method is used to detect abnormalities in the blood vessels associated with the kidneys. After injecting a radio-contrast dye in the vein, MRI images are captured as the dye passes through the kidneys. This way, there is a clear picture of blood vessels obtained.
  5. Renal biopsy: In this method, a small amount of lesioned tissue is removed from the kidney with the help of two thin needles. The process is aided by ultrasound or any other imaging technique.
  6. Intravenous Urography: Iodinated contrast dye is injected and its image is captured using X-rays or other imaging methods like a CT scan. This method helps to determine the flow of blood and the formation of urine in the kidneys.
  7. Scintigraphy: Here, radioactive isotopes are used to detect abnormalities in the kidneys.
  8. Renal Arteriography: In this method, a dye is inserted into the aorta of the kidneys using a catheter and ultrasound. The path of the dye is then traced to detect any abnormalities in the kidneys.

Treatments of Kidney Disorders & Diseases

There are various diseases that are treated at our centre, which makes us one of the best nephrology hospitals in Hyderabad. Kidney stones, glomerulonephritis, and kidney infection are some of the abnormalities that are treated at our centre. A list of all the treatments is given below:

  • Kidney Stones: A kidney stone is a hard-solid mass which can be several millimetres in size. Stone is formed in the kidney when certain salts that need to be excreted with the urine get precipitated and accumulate in the kidney. Treatment involves the prescription of medicines that regulate the acidity in the urine, in turn reducing the crystallization. Intensive care makes us one of the best hospitals for the treatment of kidney stones in Hyderabad. Read more
  • Acute kidney failure:At our centre, we provide patient-centric treatment, including saline, antibiotics, diuretics, and dialysis, in extreme cases.
  • Glomerulonephritis: Also known as glomerular disease, it is an inflammation of the glomeruli. Malfunction in glomeruli can lead to damage to kidneys, as it affects the urine filtration. We are proud to be one of the best hospitals for the treatment of glomerulonephritis in Hyderabad. Read more
  • Chronic nephropathy: It is a condition wherein smaller units of the kidneys are damaged, resulting in malfunction of the kidney function. Medications like angiotensin-converting enzyme are used to treat one of the major causes of this condition, high blood pressure. We are proud to be one of the best hospitals for the treatment of chronic nephropathy in Hyderabad.
  • Kidney infection: It is a type of urinary tract infection that may affect one or both kidneys. The first line of treatment includes antibiotics, and further, the second line of treatment is implemented, keeping in mind that we are one of the best hospitals for treatment of kidney infection in Hyderabad.
  • Kidney Cysts: As a person grows older, there is a chance that there may be the development of sacs filled with water in the person’s kidneys, which are known as kidney cysts. The risk of this abnormality keeps on increasing as the age advances. We have some of the best surgeons that assist you in surgical removal of cysts, making us one of the best hospitals for the treatment of kidney cysts in Hyderabad. Read more
  • Nephroblastoma: Also known as Wilmstumor, it is a rare type of kidney cancer that mainly affects children. It is a form of malignant tumor, which has a high chance of spreading to other body organs. We offer surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy as treatments for nephroblastoma, making us one of the best hospitals for the treatment of nephroblastoma in Hyderabad.
  • Prostrate Cancer : Read more
  • Enlarged Prostrate : Read more
  • Diabetic Nephropathy : Read more

Our Doctors – Nephrologists

At Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital, we bring you a team of professional experts (nephrologists in Hyderabad) with complete knowledge about their subjects along with specialized skills developed mainly in the area of nephrology, thus, making us one of the best hospitals for the treatment of kidney diseases in Hyderabad. With our thorough investigation procedures and diagnostic tests, we make sure there is not even a slight chance for error, and we assist you in the best possible way to gain a healthy and normal life.

Our kidney transplant team consists of anesthetists, nurses & nephrologist in Hyderabad that specialize in coordinating a kidney transplant surgery, some of the best kidney surgeons in Hyderabad and some of the best kidney specialists in Hyderabad, kidney transplant care managers, dieticians specially appointed to chart out meal plans according to the condition of the patient’s kidney. With our dedicated team, you will feel at home, and we make sure to provide world-class facilities to ensure that you lead a stress-free life with a healthy, properly functioning kidney thus making us one of the best hospitals for the treatment of kidney diseases and providing best kidney transplant surgeries in Hyderabad.

FAQ- Nephrology Hospital

What does a nephrologist do?

Nephrologists mainly perform Kidney Surgery and Kidney transplants as well as treatment of other kidney diseases.

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