Trauma care

Trauma is a condition that is caused when a person faces a sudden and painful experience. It may affect the physical health or mental health, or both. A person experiencing trauma must be given immediate medical attention in order to get cured quickly and effectively.

The trauma care department has various sub-departments. Some of the departments that come under the trauma care department include emergency medicine, neurosurgery, department of anaesthesia, critical care department, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and orthopaedics department. Our hospital offers effective ICU treatment to trauma and its related health conditions. We have some of the best doctors from various departments to treat the patient completely. Some of the effective treatments for trauma include therapies and exercises.

The treatment for emergency health disorders includes blood transfusion (in case of blood loss), giving pain-lowering medications, conducting surgery, etc. In the case of fractures or bone-related issues, the patient is examined by the orthopaedic and treatment planned. Apart from the treatment, the patient is observed 24×7 for any fluctuations in the health condition.

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