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Can Pregnant Women Get Covid-19 Vaccine?


"The COVID-19 vaccines have come as a glimmer of hope stating that the year-long pandemic may finally end. January 16th 2021 marked the onset of the two Indian vaccines’ roll out. It took months of trials to ensure the safety and efficacy of the vaccines and after much deliberation, the Government of India decided to begin the vaccine drives. "

Although the vaccines are considered to be safe and effective, there still are certain concerns among the general population, especially the groups that did not undergo the vaccine trials. One such unanswered question remains, can pregnant women get COVID-19 vaccine?

Many experts have been on the fence about the safety of the vaccine for women who are expecting, planning a pregnancy, have recently given birth or are breastfeeding. In the recent advisory, The World Health Organization said the use of any COVID-19 vaccine should be restricted for pregnant women until more clear and enough data is available, even though this group is more susceptible to complications if infected.

Authorities’ Take On The Subject

The World Health Organization says vaccinations for pregnant women must be considered only if they are at a higher risk of exposure to the virus such as healthcare employees and frontline workers. The Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shares similar opinions as well. CDC recommends the usage of vaccines for pregnant women who are a part of the healthcare fraternity or are frontline workers.

In such settings, pregnant women may choose to be vaccinated. However, the authorities suggest that getting vaccinated must be discussed with the doctors first to weigh out the chances of any undesired or negative results.

For those who are planning to conceive, it is recommended to postpone the pregnancy by at least eight weeks (two months) after getting vaccinated for COVID-19, as some vaccines contain live virus and may potentially harm the foetus or damage its vision and hearing ability.

Indian vaccines have been made after several months of dedicated research and effective trials, they are safe for humans, and no side-effects have been found yet. However, for the groups that have not been a part of the trial, such as the pregnant and lactating women, it is recommended that you have an elaborate discussion with your doctor and family to make an informed decision.

Dr Santhoshini
Dr Santhoshini
Consultant – Gynaecologist

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