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The Institute of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement at Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital at LB Nagar, Hyderabad offers the best treatment and care for a wide range of orthopaedics ailments. Known as one of the best hospitals for orthopaedics & joint replacement in Hyderabad, we have one of the most experienced teams of orthopaedic surgeons and specialists. Delivering advanced joint replacement surgery, major complex trauma including pelvic-acetabular fracture management, arthroscopic knee surgeries, paediatric orthopaedic surgeries, spine surgeries, deformity correction and treatment of bone problems, we remain committed to your freedom of pain-free movement and excellent quality of life.

Why Choose Us for Orthopaedics & Joint Replacements Services?

The Institute of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement at Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital at LB Nagar, Hyderabad delivers excellence in treatment and remains committed to world-class patient experience. Using advanced technology, clinical protocols, and with the help of an expert team of orthopaedics and joint replacement surgeons we provide advanced treatment and care for a wide range of orthopaedic ailments.

State-of-the-art technology, infrastructure, and patient-care facilities make us one of the best hospitals for orthopaedics and joint replacement in Hyderabad. A dedicated team of nurses works round the clock for constant monitoring while a team of physiotherapists work with the patient for post-surgical recovery & rehabilitation.

Our Diagnostic Capabilities for Orthopaedics & Joint Replacements Disorders

Accurate diagnosis is the key to the treatment of orthopaedic ailments, and we at Institute of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement at Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital at LB Nagar, Hyderabad, remain committed to both early & accurate diagnosis. Advanced imaging & radiological infrastructure is available at the hospital for timely diagnosis. Specialized infrastructure for orthopaedic ailments, state-of-the-art laboratory infrastructure is also available. Some of the comply deployed diagnostic tools for ascertaining orthopaedic conditions include:

Methods for the diagnosis of orthopedic conditions are:

  1. Arthrography: Arthrography is a specialized X-ray of the joints such as knees, shoulders, elbows, or others. It is routinely performed for accurate assessment of bone injuries and offers greater detail when compared to a normal x-ray. Using a thin needle that injects a contrast dye into the joint to offer greater clarity and thereby aid improved diagnosis.
  2. Doppler Ultrasound: Doppler ultrasound deploys high-frequency sound waves to measure the amount of blood flow to the limbs. A non-invasive, pain-free procedure, a doppler ultrasound can reveal blocked arteries at an early stat and help an orthopaedic understand bone or joint ailments caused by lack of adequate blood flow.
  3. Electromyography: Electromyography (EMG) is a diagnostic procedure that analyses the health condition of muscles. Studying the electrical activity of the skeletal muscles, the test helps doctors understand the condition of the musculoskeletal structure and its underlying ailments.

Orthopaedics & Joint Replacements Treatment & Procedures Provided at Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital

Conditions we treat:

  1. Arthritis: Arthritis is a condition of the joints wherein due to the wear & tear the joints become painful & have difficulty in movement. The conditions typically worsen with age and the common symptoms include – pain, swelling, redness, restricted movement amongst others. Osteoarthritis & rheumatoid arthritis are two most common forms of this condition.
  2. Avascular Necrosis: Avascular necrosis or osteonecrosis is a condition that caused by the lack of blood supply to the head of the hip bone. While this condition can occur in any bone, it is predominantly seen in the femur bone. The lack of blood supply caused by the disruption to the blood vessels in the region which leads to the destruction of the bone & joints.
  3. Osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease of the joints where in the protective cartilage present at the ends of the bones wears down over time.
  4. Rheumatoid Arthritis: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system attacks the joints, causing pain and discomfort.
  5. Rotator Cuff Strain: A rotator cuff injury is usually a strain or tear of the rotator cuff tendons, which are thick bands that connect joint to the muscles, resulting in difficulty of movement, and pain.
  6. Shoulder Impingement: Shoulder impingement occurs when there is impingement of tendons in the shoulder from bones of the shoulder, which restricts movement, and causes pain & discomfort.
  7. Tennis Elbow: Tennis elbow is a painful condition caused by the repetitive use of the muscles & tendons in the arm. The wear and tear caused by repeated using of the same tendons results in pain & discomfort, restricting movement, and in some cases swelling as well.
  8. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear (ACL): The anterior cruciate ligament tear is a common sports injury caused by the snapping of the anterior cruciate ligament that connects the thighbone to the shin, at the knee joint.
  9. Meniscus Tear: A meniscus tear is a common knee injury wherein the cartilage surrounding the knee – adding as a cushion between the bones at the knee joint is torn either due to excessive wear & tear or an injury.
  10. Disc Herniation: Discs are soft rubbery cushions provided between two subsequent vertebrae to aid smooth movement. Overtime, these have a tendency to bulge or fall out of shape – a condition known as disc herniation.
  11. Scoliosis: Scoliosis is the side curvature of the spine, that is commonly associated during the growth spurt that occurs around puberty. It can be caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy and/or muscular dystrophy.
  12. Lumbar Canal Stenosis: Lumbar spinal stenosis is the condition where the spinal canal becomes narrowed. It is a degenerative disorder and thereby largely affects the older population.
  13. PFPS (Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome): Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) is a pain in and around the kneecap, caused by overuse, wear & tear, injury, or trauma.
  14. Supraspinatus Tendinitis: Supraspinatus tendonitis is an inflammation of the supraspinatus tendon of the shoulder caused by underlying shoulder conditions which include – impingement, overload or overuse, labral tears, calcification, and others.
  15. Pes Planus: Pes planus or flat foot is a common orthopaedic condition wherein the longitudinal arch in the foot has flattened out.
  16. Ganglion Cyst: A ganglion cyst is a cyst that forms over a joint and is filled with liquid causing joint pain and discomfort.
  17. Gout: Gout is a form of inflammatory arthritis that develops in some people who have high levels of uric acid in the blood.
  18. Avulsion Fractures: An avulsion fracture is a bone fracture that occurs when a fragment of bone tears away from the central mass of bone.
  19. Cervical Spondylitis: Cervical spondylosis is age-related wear and tear affecting the spinal disks in your neck. We are amongst the best hospitals for the treatment of cervical spondylitis in Hyderabad.
  20. Lumbar Spondylosis: Lumbar spondylosis can be described as all degenerative conditions affecting the discs, vertebral bodies, and associated joints of the lumbar vertebrae.

What are the orthopaedic surgeries done

Institute of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement at Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital at LB Nagar, Hyderabad undertakes a wide range of orthopaedic surgeries and procedures, some of which are listed below:

  1. Arthroscopy: Arthroscopy is a surgical procedure used to visualize, diagnose, and treat problems inside a joint by using an arthroscope.
  2. Arthroplasty: Arthroplasty is a procedure to restore joint function performed using minimally invasive methods. The surgeon accesses the joint using an arthroscope and carries out repairs using a robotic arm.
  3. Hip replacement surgery: Replacement of the hip joint with prosthetic implants for improving joint function, pain-relief, and overall improvement in the quality of life.
  4. Knee replacement surgery: Knee replacement is a surgical procedure to resurface a knee damaged by arthritis and/or injury. The procedure involves removing the damaged cartilage and bone and replacing it with the prosthetic components.

Our Doctors – Orthopaedic Surgeon

The Institute of Orthopaedics and Joint replacement at Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital, Hyderabad, has a brilliant set of specialists & orthopaedic doctors in Hyderabad to provide you with great services. We have some of the best orthopaedic doctors and orthopaedic surgeons in Hyderabad who will help the patients with all their problems and make sure that they clear their doubts by giving them expert advice. Our doctors are brilliant in their work and make sure that they take the utmost care of all our patients. We are one of the best hospitals for orthopaedics in Hyderabad and we provide a very comfortable and safe journey to recovery. Being amongst the best hospitals for orthopaedic surgeries in Hyderabad, we want our patients to feel safe and know what they are getting into, and our hospital will provide that.

Dr Ashwin Kumar
Dr Ashwin Kumar

MBBS, MS Ortho

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr V V Satyanarayana E
Dr V V Satyanarayana E

MBBS, MS (Orthopaedics), MCh Trauma (UK), AO Fellow Trauma & Arthroplasty (Greece)

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr J.V.S. Vidya Sagar


Sr.Consultant - head of orthopaedics

FAQ-Orthopaedic Hospital

Which hospital is best for orthopaedic?

Aware Gleneagles Global Hospital at LB Nagar, Hyderabad offers the best treatment and care for a wide range of orthopaedics ailments, we have one of the most experienced teams of orthopaedic surgeons and specialists. Delivering advanced joint replacement surgery, major complex trauma.

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