Facial cosmetic surgery treatments

  1. Eyelid surgery: Excess skin and fat are removed.
  2. Nose job: Also known as rhinoplasty, nose job involved the reshaping of the tip and reduction of the nose’s bony hump. Doctors may also use small incisions that remain hidden in the nostrils.
  3. Ear surgery: Otoplasty aims to improve your hearing ability by bringing your ears closer to your head or reshaping the cartilage.
  4. Facelift: Rhytidectomy removes wrinkles and tightens your face’s skin. We lift the skin around your deeper facial tissues and use sutures to close incisions.
  5. Brow lift: Browplasty is another cosmetic procedure to give you a more youthful appearance.
  6. Chin augmentation: We either use a prosthetic implant or manipulative the chin bone.
  7. Cheek augmentation: Last but not least, we use implants at the top of your cheekbones for proper cheek augmentation.

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